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Hawaiian Monk Seal by Benthichi
  3. kittendrumstick:

    My friend and I went to the zoo yesterday even though it was stupid cold outside, but it was totally worth it because we got to play with a sea lion. Some zoo workers were sitting in the sea lion viewing area and throwing a glove around while one of the sea lions chased it back and forth in the tunnel. She was also super interested in what was in people’s bags and purses and would wait to see if you were gonna take out anything she liked, haha. Pretty awesome.

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Hello there! by BarryFackler
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furry torpedo by BarryFackler
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Weddell seal, Brown Bluff, Antarctica by Iain B. of Over on Flickr.
  8. 6doc5:

    Monk Seal at Glass Beach, Kauai.

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Harbor Seal, South Sawyer Glacier | by: [Jon Cornforth]


    Harbor Seal, South Sawyer Glacier | by: [Jon Cornforth]

    (Source: WOLVERXNE)

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Fuck yeah seals, sea lions, and walruses. And sometimes otters.

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